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Dean Borghi has worked in the art field for over twenty-six years . He started out by working at his father's art gallery and went to art exhibitions at the age of nine, where he later worked part-time. He started working full time in 1989 right out of school. Dean's first show was where he helped to research and create the catalogue on the French academic artist William Adolphe Bouguereau.

From Dean's work for Borghi & Company he learned to run a business, put on exhibitions, work with many auctions houses around the world, acquire and offer works of art from private collectors , and build important collections for his clientele. Some of the most notable shows he was a part of were exhibitions on George Inness, Giorgio DeChirico, and Juan Torres-Garcia.

Borghi & Company closed in 1995 when Dean's mother decided to retire. Dean Borghi then decided to open db Fine Art in 1996. He has continued to work with private clients as well as to work with some of the biggest art galleries in New York . After over a quarter of a century in the art world, Dean's love for art and experience in this field continue to grow.

Dean can be contacted at:

DB Fine Art   (Upper East location)                                                            
52 East 76 Street                                                                                    
New York NY 10021                                                                              
212 472 3101                                                                                          

DB Fine Art  (Chelase location)
547 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001
212 695 5554